Caring for your eyes


A complete guide.

tipsforhealthyeyesTop Tips For Healthy Eyes

Ensure you wear your optimum optical correction (glasses or contact lenses) to help perform better at work and socially. This can also… moreinformation

nutritionandeyeNutrition & the Eye

Eating a healthy balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables may help to keep your eyes as healthy as they can be. A balanced diet is important for…moreinformation

computer-eyestrainComputer Eyestrain & Tips

Many people now use computers on a regular basis in their daily lives, either at work or socially. A long day staring at an electronic…moreinformation

drivingvisionDriving & Vision

You must inform the DVLA if you have any problems with your eyes that may affect your vision. This doesn’t include becoming short or long… moreinformation

lasereyesurgeryLaser Eye Surgery

The transparent window of your eye is known as the cornea. The surgical procedure involves changing the curvature of the front surface of your… moreinformation

Spectacle-LensesSpectacle Lenses

Harshad need some info on this page pleaseHarshad need some info on this page pleaseHarshad need some info on this page please… moreinformation

varifocalVarifocal Lenses

our eyes change throughout your life. During your early forties the crystalline lens becomes stiffer and loses its elasticity. This causes… moreinformation

forsportsSports Vision

Special sports glasses can increase your performance dramatically, even if you have 20/20 vision. This is because special tints… moreinformation