Contact Lenses

A complete guide.

whatarecontactlensesWhat are contact lenses?

Contact lenses fit directly on the front surface of your eye called the cornea. They correct your vision the same way as your glasses… moreinformation

10myths10 Myths

I can’t wear contact lenses – Everyone can wear contact lenses. With technological advances in lens material and design, pretty…moreinformation

benefits-of-wearingBenefits of Wearing

1. Contact lenses move in every direction with your eyes, to give you clear all round vision. 2. You don’t get any reflections compared to…moreinformation

trybeforeyoubuyFree Try Before You Buy

So once you have your initial contact lens assessment. Your optometrist will recommend a contact best suited to your lifestyle and needs. moreinformation


Glasses have been invented for over 700 years, were as contact lenses are a relatively new invention. The contact lens history and story:moreinformation