10 Myths About Contact Lenses

A complete guide.

1. I can’t wear contact lenses – Everyone can wear contact lenses. With technological advances in lens material and design, pretty much all ages and prescriptions can be corrected with contact lenses. Call us today for a FREE no obligation trial.

2. Contact lens can get stuck behind my eye – A contact lens can never get stuck behind your eyes. Its impossible due to the way the structures of your eyes are arranged. The conjunctiva which covers the white of your eye is attached to the inside of your eyelids, creating a seal which fold back on itself.

3. Contact lenses are uncomfortable – All soft contact lenses are comfortable. A contact lens in your eyes often best described as having a raindrop in your eye. The contact lens can feel refreshing due to the moisture rich wetting agents, within the contact lens materials.

4. Contact lenses require too much time and effort – Contact lenses are very easy to manage, from simple throwing away daily disposable contact lenses to a few minutes cleaning monthly disposable contact lenses

5. I’ll never get them in my eyes – It might feel difficult initially. However your optometrist and fully trained optical assistants will ensure you are confident removing and inserting your contact lenses, it just takes practice.

6. Contact lens might pop out of my eyes – The new soft contact lenses do not easily get dislodged whilst on the move or playing sports. They are carefully selected to match the curvature of your eye for a perfect fit.

7. Contact lenses are expensive – This is not the case. We have contact lenses to suit your lifestyle, as well as schemes to best fit your budget

8. I’m too old to wear contact lenses – Contact lenses are now available as multifocal or bifocal for those who wish to wear them socially. As dry eyes become a problem with age, we now have contact lenses specifically designed for dry eyes.

9. I’m too young to wear contact lenses – It’s up to your optometrist to decided if contact lenses would benefit you. There is no fixed age from when you can start to wear contact lenses.

10. I have astigmatism which means I can’t wear contact lenses – New technologically advanced contact lenses can now correct a wide range of astigmatism, using toric contact lenses. These Toric contact lenses are available in daily, two weekly or monthly.



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