Different Types of Contact Lenses


A complete guide.

different-typesDifferent Types

There are so many different types of contact lenses. Your optometrist will help you decide which ones suit your visual requirements… moreinformation

forsportsFor Sports

Contact lenses are brilliant for playing sports. If you want them for sports only, then soft daily disposable contact lenses are a perfect solution. moreinformation

readingFor Reading

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officeFor the Office

Regular use of the computer means you will naturally blink less. Which can lead to dry eyes and contact lens discomfort…moreinformation

eye-and-makeupEye & Makeup

We have some helpful tips from your optometrist to keep your eyes feeling great and vision as clear as possible moreinformation

gaspreamblelensesGas permeable lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses are known as GP contact lenses. These GP contact lenses are firm or rigid made from durable plastic that…moreinformation

lensolutionContact Lens Solutions

There are many multipurpose solutions that are “no-rub” solutions. Which means you use the same solution to clean, disinfect and store… moreinformation