Vista Mesh Lens

What is a Vista-Mesh lens?

A Vista-Mesh is a unique lens that consists of a contrast filter and a mesh filter across the surface of the spectacle lens.

The features of this lens include:

  • Reflection free top coat
  • Hard coat - to make the lens more resistant to scratches
  • Light brown contrast filter
  • Unique optical mesh filter
  • A light weight lens
  • UV385 cut-off (providing a high level of UV protection for your eyes)

What does the lens offer?

  • Reduces scattered light reflections
  • Dampens flicker
  • Sharpens contrast
  • Reduces eye strain

Who would benefit from this specialist lens?

  • Anyone having difficulty with night driving, due to glare from on coming headlights, would benefit from the Vista-Mesh lens. It has helped anyone who had issues with night driving, after a corrective laser surgery, or due to sensitivity to blue/white light from oncoming headlights
  • They help if you suffer from glare in the office using computers or electronic devices

The Vista-Mesh is also helpful to those who suffer from migraines