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Welcome to our premier blog page, where the focus is sharpened on the fascinating and essential world of glasses and lenses. This platform is designed for spectacle enthusiasts, prospective glasses buyers, and anyone looking to enhance their vision and style through the power of lenses. 


Standards of vision for driving


How your spectacle lenses work?

Varifocal Lenses

What are varifocal lenses?

Woman Cartoon

How to choose eyewear to suit your face shape? 

Choosing Your Glasses

Choosing glasses to fit your needs

ZEISS Tinted Lenses

Zeiss digital lenses


Zeiss Progressive lenses

better night-low light vision

Zeiss i.scription Technology


Zeiss Polarised lenses 

Zeiss Wipes

Zeiss lens cleaning wipes and solutions

ZEISS Tinted Lenses

Zeiss Sun lenses 


Zeiss Single vision lenses 

Office Contact Lenses

Zeiss office lenses 


Zeiss i.Terminal 2

ZEISS Tinted Lenses

Zeiss Photofusion lenses 


Zeiss duravision platinum 


Zeiss driveSafe lenses 

Embark on a journey through our extensive library of posts that delve into everything from choosing the perfect frame for your face shape to understanding the various lens coatings that can protect your eyes and enhance your vision. We discuss the benefits of anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and UV-blocking coatings, and how they can extend the life and functionality of your glasses. Our blog also keeps an eye on the cutting edge of lens innovation, providing insights into the latest advancements, such as blue light filtering and the advent of adaptive or ‘photochromic’ lenses.