Bray & Co – Our Social Mission

Our mission begins with you.

Social misson - buy give
To help us fulfil our mission, we created the Bray & Co. brand, available exclusively from our practices. Bray & Co. is not only a new affordable collection of prescription eyewear, but also a brand with a conscience. For every pair of Bray & Co. glasses you buy, we give a pair of glasses to someone in need.

This is how we do it:

We count the number of Bray & Co. glasses that have been bought from us each month and we make a donation to our not-for-profit partners. This donation covers the cost of sourcing an equal number of glasses to those in need.

The charity’s aim is to develop local vision centres, by training men and women in developing countries to provide eye examinations and sell low cost, affordable glasses to their communities

The charity and its volunteers also work hard to spread awareness, and create strategies to deliver accessible eye care in the communities they serve.