Our Social Mission – Help the World to See Better

We are dedicated to helping the developing world see better.  Our mission is to help deliver sustainable eye care solutions in developing countries, which in turn will help fight poverty.

It’s something that we may take for granted, but around the world over 700 million people live without access to eyewear.

The impact is substantial.

Every day people are struggling to make a living simply because they can’t afford a pair of glasses.

For children, 80% of their learning is visual during the early years, so if they can’t see, their learning is inhibited and research shows that education is vital to improving their earning power.

Similarly, for those who need to see close-up for their profession, the loss of vision can affect their ability to earn and support their families.

For these people, simply being fitted with a pair of prescription glasses can potentially improve their productivity by 35% and their income by 20%, enabling them to support their families and in turn boost the local economy.

Together, we can help the world to see better:

  1. You buy a pair, we give a pair to someone in need
  2. Recycling your old glasses
  3. Awareness and fundraising charity days
  4. Collection tins in our branches

1. You Buy a Pair, We Give a Pair to Someone in Need

Buy a pair of Bray & Co. glasses and we donate the equivalent cost of glasses to a charity, so that they can help those in need.

2. Recycle Your Old Glasses

We run a very successful collection scheme.  We send your glasses to be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.  The charity uses the income generated from this recycling to support the overseas eye care programmes.

3. Charity Days

We will be running fundraising events throughout the year, to raise money, and to raise awareness of our mission to help the developing world see better.

4. Collection Tins

We have tins displayed at each of our practices for those who would like to make donations. All donations are sent directly to our partner charity.

Your generosity will help transform the way eye care is delivered in developing countries.

For more information about our partner charity please visit www.visionaidoverseas.org