Your Visit to our Opticians – Summary

Your eyes are very complex and they need the best care possible. We have the time, knowledge and experience to deliver an exceptional eye test, with glasses and contact lenses you’ll be delighted with.


  1. “Hello” – You’ll be greeted by one of our wonderful receptionist and offered refreshments.
  2. Pre-screening – We will then conduct a number of sophisticated tests on your eyes, including visual field analysis, macular pigment screening and digital fundus photography. At this stage, we will also measure your existing glasses, so that we can best advise you if there is any change in your prescription.
  3. Your eye test – Our optometrist will carry out a comprehensive eye test and offer you advice based on your lifestyle. Regular eye tests are important to ensure you have the clearest, sharpest and most comfortable vision at all times. Your optometrist can also look for signs of any other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  4. Change in prescription – Only if your prescription has changed will the optometrist advise you on the best lens suitable for your eyes.
  5. Choosing your glasses – Our qualified dispensing optician will help you choose glasses from hundreds of frames available. You can also put new lenses into your own frame if you wish.
  6. Contact lenses – You will also be given the opportunity to trial contact lenses for free. This will allow you to see if they would be beneficial to you in your work, any sports you play, or socially.  Contact lenses can be worn as often as you like, to suit your lifestyle.
  7. Once your glasses are ready, we will inform you and book you in for a glasses fitting appointment with a dispensing optician. We believe the fitting of your glasses is crucial. Your glasses should fit comfortably around your nose and ears.