Choosing Your Glasses

Once you have decided you want new glasses. Your dispensing optician will first discuss your lens options. The lens options will be specific to your needs. First the type of lens is discussed, which could include a single vision lens, bifocal, varifocal or occupational lens. The surface lens treatment will be discussed and demonstrated to give you the best and most comfortable vision. You will be guided through all these options.

We pride ourselves on having a vast array of frames, from hand made frames, to frames manufactured in Italy, France and Germany. All our frames come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee.

The dispensing optician will help you find a frame that looks and feels good. We will consider your face shape and colouring to find the frames that best fit you and your personality. After all, the frames are normally on your face for 12 to 15hrs a day, for 365 days a year, for possibly two years.

Once the frame is chosen and the lens option decided, the next step is to take accurate measurements. So the dispensing optician will use our new digital measuring device to take all the measurements necessary for the perfect glasses.

Fitting your glasses

Once your glasses have come back from the lab, we will check the glasses have been made up correctly. Ensuring the prescription is accurate to what your optometrist prescribed. We will then book you a fitting appointment with the dispensing optician. At this point the glasses will be checked to ensure they are fitting correctly behind your ears and around your nose.

Your dispensing optician will then check your vision in the distance and for reading. If you have been prescribed a new lens like a varifocal. We will ensure you know how to use them comfortably and confidently.

Once you have collected your glasses, we will be available to assist you for any adjustments you may require or questions you may have. This is for the lifetime of your new glasses. Your optometrist will remind you of your next appointment, we will send you a text, email or letter.