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What our Optometrist can test during your eye examination ?

Struggling with blurry vision or tired eyes?

At A Family Optician, we have a host of highly-qualified professional opticians in Leicester that will provide you with an excellent eye examination and help identify the options you have when it comes to enhancing your vision.

In case you’ve not had one for a little while, eye examinations have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of wearing heavy glasses and having your optician or optometrist change lenses manually. Today, an eye test is more of a fine science!

We thought it might be helpful for you to get all the information you need, on the tests we can carry out during an eye examination at A Family Optician.

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Advanced Technology

Zeiss i.Profiler Plus

We can measure your prescription objectively using a Zeiss i.profiler. This machine offers the most accurate method of measuring your spectacle prescription.


In just 60 seconds, it takes 1,500 measurements across the surface of your eye, accounting for pupil size and night vision.


It allows your optician to create a ‘map’ of the surface and determine the precise shape of the front of the eye.


This ‘map’ is known as corneal topography, and allows us to create the most accurate profile of your eyes.


This technology lends itself to crafting tailor-made contact lenses and bespoke spectacle lenses for our customers. We are the only practice in our area to offer this advanced technology during our eye test routine.


Catch your eye problems early

To prevent fast disease progression

The technology we use in our Private Eye Care Plan can benefit everyone.

It gives us a clear picture of the health of your eyes and helps us monitor even the smallest changes over time.

The private plan could be particularly helpful to you if you:

Are aged 60 or over 
• Have diabetes 
• Have glaucoma 

Thanks to new technologythe standard of eye care we can offer is now better than ever

Our latest equipment uses the same advanced technology you would find in a hospitalIt can detect abnormalities up to five years earlier than a traditional eye test

Unfortunately, the NHS funding we receive simply doesn’t cover the cost of providing these advanced screening techniques.

There are two ways of testing the eyes. Check what is the difference between NHS and the Private eye test, and decide which is better for you.

Take care of your eyes , because you only have two!

Beacuse Eyewear is Fashion

Express your individuality and complement your style

Fashions come and go, but your glasses are an accessory you’ll wear every day.

This is something our designer brands understand when creating their exceptional frames for you. Every aspect is carefully considered, from the stunning aesthetics to the specially selected materials and the tiniest technical details.


You can discover the essence of each designer brand by clicking on Available Brands.

Lindberg Glasses
Dispensing optician with patient

Not only frames, but lenses matter too

DriveSafe lenses from Zeiss

An everyday lens optimised for the 80% of spectacle wearers who drive.

One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

Wearers are very satisfied with ZEISS Drive Safe Lenses

  1. 97% when driving
  2. 94% doing everyday activities, like for example office work

ZEISS Drive Safe Lenses provide an everyday solution consisting of three elements to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Ask an optician

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