E-Scoop Lens

This is a unique new spectacle lens for an improved vision for anyone suffering from macular degeneration.

The E-scoop lens also helps people suffering from reduced vision, caused by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa.

E-scoop Lens

What can the E-scoop lens offer me when I have macular degeneration?

  • Partial recovery of a part of the central vision
  • Reduction of the light sensitivity for day and night
  • Better recognition of details, contrast and depth

How does the E-scoop lens work?

The E-scoop lens moves the image on your damaged part of the macula to the healthier part of the macula, helping to improve your vision when suffering from macula degeneration.

The E-scoop has the following optical features:

  • The thickness and curve of the lens ensures magnification is achieved
  • The lens shifts the light towards the healthier part of the macula
  • The yellow colour lens provides more contrast and a reduction in the sensitivity to daylight and sunlight
  • It also has anti-reflection coating to reduce glare and provide optimum vision

The E-scoop lens is available in a single vision lens and also as a clip-on.

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