How to Insert Your Contact Lenses

Handling contact lenses can seem quite daunting for the very first time.  Our optometrist and optical assistants will demonstrate and guide you through the process.

After practicing a few times, it won’t be long before it becomes second nature to you.

Our optometrists have created a guide to help you insert your contact lenses safely, comfortably and hygienically.

Contact lenses

How to put your contact lenses in:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.  We recommend using antibacterial soap wash and lint-free towels where possible.
  2. Find a clean surface and well-lit area with a mirror, preferably sitting down in front of the mirror.  Having a tissue or soft towel on the table will help, should you accidentally drop the contact lens
  3. Open the contact lens package or case and check the contact lens is the correct way round
  4. Try to get into the habit of putting the same lens in your eyes first.  This will help to ensure you put the correct lens in each eye
  5. Now place the contact lens on your index finger
  6. Check the contact lens is the right way up, by examining the edges.  If the edge of the lens has a lip this indicates it’s the wrong way up
  7. If you find the lens is inside out, place the lens on the palm of your hand and add a few drops of saline or your contact lens solution.  Then gently massage the lens and turn it the right way round
  8. Caution – check the lens is not damaged or torn, before putting it in your eye
  9. Now look straight into the mirror and use the hand with the contact lens on your finger to pull the lower lid and eyelashes down
  10. Use the other hand, without the contact lens, to carefully hold the upper eyelid and eyelashes firmly against your brow
  11. Pulling both the upper and lower eyelid and eyelashes will create room for the contact lens to sit on your eye comfortably
  12. Watching the mirror, slowly bring the index finger, with the contact lens, straight onto the centre of your eye.  You can also place the contact lens on the white area of your eye if this feels easier for you
  13. Once the lens is on your eye, before releasing your eyelids try to move your eyes around, by looking around the room, to clear any air bubbles underneath the lens
  14. Slowly release your upper and lower eyelids and blink a few times, to help centre the lens and establish comfortable vision
  15. Once you are ready repeat the same procedure for the other eye

If you struggle, please do not hesitate to call us, or visit the store.  We would be delighted to help you.

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