The Importance of Having Regular Eye Examinations

Do I need an eye test?

Eye health is of the upmost importance to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Not only are we checking the health of your retina and external eye health, we can also detect other conditions which may be affecting your general health; diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, mini strokes and even brain tumors can be detected during an eye examination. Your eyesight is precious and visual loss can be avoided with early detection.

That is why your vision and maintaining the health of your eyes is our top priority. Our fully trained optometrists believe it is important to have regular eye examinations, at least every 2 years, whether you notice changes in your vision, or not.


Why our eye test is different

Being an independent family optician we know every patient of ours is individual. This is why we spend as long as you need to examine your eyes thoroughly, taking the time to give you the correct advice. Our vision examinations are not just about checking what you can see, we carefully measure and provide solutions to correct your visual needs. Our optometrists check how your eyes are performing and coordinating together. There are 12 muscles inside our eyes, which need to be synchronising perfectly to maintain optimum vision. In the current environment people (including children), are using computers, phones and tablets more often, which means they rely on their vision heavily in their day to day life (see an article on how the computer affects your eyes).


Eye health and maintaining your eyes is our priority. We carefully look for subtle changes in the retina and offer an enhanced eye test, which includes a retinal scan as an optional extra to the standard eye examination. This sophisticated test can enable your optometrist to detect even small or subtle changes in your eye health. The results can be stored digitally for future comparisons.


We are always here for you as your eye care practitioners. We really care about your eyes and the quality of our eye examination, that’s why our eye examination appointments are longer and more frequent. It gives us plenty of time to address all your needs and to carry out a very thorough examination of your eyes. You will never feel rushed or just a number to us. We value each and every one of our patients, and being independent gives us the freedom to provide a personal and customised service. Our small team of professional optometrists will build a close relationship with you, so you feel comfortable. If you ever notice any problems or have any concerns with your eyes or vision, you can always book an appointment to see us.

Catch your eye problems early and prevent disease progression

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