Lindberg – Allowing one woman’s story to bring her eyewear close to her heart

Patient Lindberg frame
Dispensing Optician Emma

Written by Emma Pitchford

Practice Manager / Dispensing Optician

Lindberg – Allowing one woman’s story to bring her eyewear close to her heart!

Every Lindberg frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship, when browsing through the range of frames it’s not difficult to see why Lindberg designs have won dozens of prestigious design awards.

When Sheona starting browsing through this particular section it’s easy to understand why she chose the brand that she did. Not only could she make choices on countless aspects of her frame to make sure that it was designed specific to her – choosing the front colour, shape of the frame front, the colour and style of the side, the arm length and the finish of the metal work… but she could add something so much more which made it totally personal to her – her late father.

I explained to Sheona that along with all of the modifications she had chosen with her frame she could also have the frame complimentary engraved and that it would be placed delicately on the inside of the arm. I explained that some people have their name one them, some choose to have their email address or their contact number…. Whatever she preferred was fine. So she thought for a moment and ask for me to order the inscription “Litlun”.

Not sounding like her surname I thought I’d misheard her, so I checked I’d got the spelling correct (I hadn’t got it right) so, intrigued I asked her what it meant. Sheona explained that this is what her dad used to call her when he was alive, it had recently been an anniversary of losing him, and this is what she’d like on her frame as she would be wearing it all of the time.

And so there it was…. Sheona’s perfect frame designed to her face & personality, complete with a personal touch which added more value than money could buy. 

The  exact engraving was “ Litlun x “ complete with a kiss on the end because “that’s what he would’ve put” – definitely my favourite Lindberg story so far!!