Vista Mesh Lens

What is a Vista-Mesh lens?

A Vista-Mesh is a unique lens that consists of a contrast filter and a mesh filter across the surface of the spectacle lens.

Vista Mesh lens

The features of this lens include:

  1. Reflection-free top coat
  2. Hard coat – to make the lens more resistant to scratches
  3. Light brown contrast filter
  4. Unique optical mesh filter
  5. A lightweight lens
  6. UV385 cut-off (providing a high level of UV protection for your eyes)

What does the lens offer?

  1. Reduces scattered light reflections
  2. Dampens flicker
  3. Sharpens contrast
  4. Reduces eye strain

Who would benefit from this specialist lens?

  • Anyone having difficulty with night driving, due to glare from oncoming headlights, would benefit from the Vista-Mesh lens. It has helped anyone who had issues with night driving, after corrective laser surgery, or due to sensitivity to blue/white light from oncoming headlights
  • They help if you suffer from glare in the office using computers or electronic devices

The Vista-Mesh is also helpful to those who suffer from migraines

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