Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

contact lenses

Benefits of wearing contact lenses:

Contact lenses give you sharp, clear, all round vision, a fresh new look and the freedom to feel more active.

Why contact lenses?

  1. Contact lenses move in every direction with your eyes, to give you clear all round vision.
  2. You don’t get any reflections compared to your glasses
  3. Contact lenses don’t steam up or smear with rain, you get clear vision whatever the weather
  4. Contact lenses are lighter, no pitching on your nose with contact lenses
  5. Whilst playing sports you can feel free.  They won’t move up and down whilst you are active or perspiring
  6. Glasses may be uncomfortable, if you are wearing a helmet, whilst horse riding or on a bike or motorbike, contact lenses won’t interfere with anything
  7. You don’t have the worry of breaking or losing your glasses whilst playing any sports
  8. Contact lenses can give you a different look and not cover your eye make-up
  9. You can also wear any fashionable sunglasses

The best way to see the benefits is to trial the contact lenses at work, socially and whilst playing your favourite sport.  Our optometrist would be happy to order contact lenses specific to your prescription for a FREE trial, with no obligation to buy.

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