Contact Lens Catastrophe – Brays to the rescue

Contact Lenses

Written by Mark Lewis - The patient himself

Sales Director

I was visiting our friends who last year had moved to Two Dales, after frantically packing my things and jumping on the train to Chesterfield, I arrived at their house to be horrified that I had left my lenses and my glasses back in Kent. “Oh no” my weekend was ruined as without lenses or glasses I cannot see, my vision is terrible.

My friends told me not to worry there is a fantastic optician in town called “David Bray Opticians

The next morning I was taken to the shop and I explained to them exactly what had happened. David Bray Opticians were just fantastic, the whole team understood my dilemma and bent over backwards to help me.

They could not have been any more helpful, they were brilliant. At their cost they contacted my optician in Kent. But explained that although they knew my prescription, they couldn’t administer any lenses unless I had an eye test. Despite being a busy Saturday they managed to book me an appointment pretty much straight away.

I was sat down they examined me, checked the compatibility and spent a lot of time and care making sure everything was ok with my sight. Better still they had some “trial” lenses in stock. As these were trial lenses, they refused to sell these to me, so they gave them to me free of charge. What? Something for nothing? I couldn’t believe it. Then when I tried to pay for the eye examination, they explained that they were only too happy to help me, they knew I had only recently paid for an examination in Kent.

They didn’t want my money, they said they were just happy to help me. WOW! What a fantastic service, what an incredible bunch of people. Now that only comes from a local optician who cares, who fights to win your business. There is NO WAY that a high street chain of certain opticians that I could name would never have looked after me and given me such warm, friendly, caring yet professional service. Thank you David Bray Opticians you have restored my faith in human nature.

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