Contact Lenses and Eye Makeup

Eye makeup

Getting makeup on your contact lenses can be very annoying, as it can irritate your eye and cause blurry vision.

We have some helpful tips from your optometrist to keep your eyes feeling great and your vision as clear as possible.

  1. Insert your contact lenses first, before applying any makeup
  2. Always wash your hands thoroughly, to prevent transferring any oils and dirt to your contact lens
  3. Try to use non-hypoallergenic makeup
  4. Try to use water based, rather than oil based makeup creams
  5. Try to apply eyeliner only on the portion of your eyelid that is away from your contact lenses
  6. When you are ready to remove your eye makeup, first wash your hands thoroughly and then remove your contact lenses and then finally use eye makeup remover
  7. Remember to replace your eye makeup frequently, as recommended by your supplier.  Bacteria can grow into your eye makeup products and then into your eyes, which can lead to an infection
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