Contact Lenses and Presbyopia


The onset of presbyopia can be frustrating for contact lens wearers.  Presbyopia creates difficulty in seeing close objects, due to the reduced elasticity of the crystalline lens, which is used for focusing on close objects.

There are various solutions for you if you develop difficulty seeing objects within arm’s length clearly.


Contact Lenses


  1. Multifocal contact lenses – These lenses are available as soft daily disposable, two-weekly and monthly contact lenses.  The contact lenses vary in power across the lens from the centre to the outside.  The pupil changes size and alternates between the two powers, as you look upwards towards the distance and downwards to near objects
  1. Bifocal contact lenses – These work much like bifocal glasses.  They have two power segments with a line between the distance prescription and near.  Your eyes look through the different segments depending on which distance you are focusing on
  1. Monovision – With this type of correction, you wear a distance vision correction in one eye and near vision correction in the other eye.   The distance vision correction is normally worn in the dominant eye.  Your eyes work together so that you can see clearly at all distances

Your optometrist will discuss your lifestyle needs and fit you with the lens that works best for you.  You will be offered to try more than one type of correction so that you can make the right decision.

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