Golf Sports Sunglasses


Clear vision, concentration, determination and accuracy are crucial for golfing success.  Often golfers are out in the field for several hours.  The weather conditions can be highly changeable, and the changes in light can make it difficult to view the green and the ball inflight.  Par after par the wind, leaves and dust can also affect your performance whilst playing golf.

Prescription Options

  1. You can have your prescription fitted directly into the frame
  2. You can also have an optical insert adaptor which has your prescription glazed into it
  3. You can be fitted with contact lenses and then wear your sunglasses over the top

Lens Guide

  1. Photochromatic lenses are beneficial for anyone playing golf, as often you move from areas of shade into bright light, particularly in tree-filled courses
  2. Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to the front or back surface of the lens. This provides you with better clarity of vision, to help judge distance and improve accuracy whilst playing
  3. Polarised filters can help reduce glare from water hazards, and sand traps on the course
  4. Anti-fog treatment will repel the mist that can cloud your vision
  5. Oleophobic and Hydrophobic treatment will stop dirt and grease sticking to your lens maintaining distraction free vision
  6. Impact resistance for all round protection, whilst on the golf course
  7. Lightweight for increased comfort
  8. Optical precision can be created as we can glaze your prescription into the lens or have an insert
  9. 100% UV protection advised
  10. Interchangeable lenses for different conditions

Tint Guide


  • Very popular for golfers
  • Provides high contrast
  • Good colour balance
  • Soothing to the eye


  • Improves depth perception
  • Makes contours on the fairway and green more distinct


  • Good for overcast days
  • Helps following the ball in flight


  • Provides good brightness balance between objects on the golf course and background

Frame Guide

It is important the frames are lightweight and comfortable.  They also should fit firmly on your face, so that you don’t worry about them slipping down every time you swing.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Wrap-around style
  3. Adjustable nose pads
  4. Thermogrip is made with hydrophilic material which has moisture absorbing properties that keep the frame firmly in place whilst sweating
  5. Adjustable temples
  6. Oversized frames with deep lenses offer a wider field of vision
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