Eye anatomy – How the eye works?

Your eyes are precious; sight is the one sense that we rely on the most.  Your eyes are considered to be one of the most complex organs. It’s fascinating that something so small can have so many working parts.


Your eyes are best described as working like a digital camera

  1. The clear front surface of your eye, called the cornea, focuses the light coming into your eye, which acts like a camera lens
  2. The iris controls the amount of light entering your eyes, by automatically adjusting the size of your pupil.  This is like the diaphragm of a camera
  3. The crystalline lens located behind the pupils further focuses the light on the retina by changing shape.  It does this automatically whilst you are viewing close objects.  This is like having an autofocus camera lens
  4. Through both the cornea and crystalline lens, the light is focussed on the light-sensitive layer, the retina.  These images are converted to electrical signals, which are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain, where it is converted into the picture we see.  This is like an electronic image sensor in a camera
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