How to Remove your Contact Lenses

Taking your contact lenses out is fairly simple.

How to take your contact lenses out, as recommended by your optometrist:

Remove Contact lenses

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.  We recommend using antibacterial soap wash and lint-free towels were possible
  2. Find a clean surface and well-lit area with a mirror, preferably sitting down in front of the mirror.  Having a tissue or soft towel on the table will help if you accidently drop the contact lens
  3. Before removing your contact lens, if you are using a case, ensure it’s clean and filled with fresh contact lens solution or saline
  4. Caution – never use tap water with your contact lens
  5. Now carefully pull your lower lid down with your middle finger
  6. Use your other hand to pull your upper eyelid and lashes up
  7. This should create space for your index finger and thumb
  8. Using your index finger and thumb to carefully slide the contact lens onto the white of your eye, then at the same time pinch the lens gently off your eye, try not to squeeze too hard
  9. Lastly slowly release both eyelids and repeat the same procedure on the other eye
  10. Before leaving the contact lenses overnight, clean the contact lenses as recommended by your optometrist

If you experience any difficulty removing your contact lenses, please don’t hesitate to contact your optometrist.

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