What does Queen Elizabeth II and An American Super Model Have in Common?

Lindberg Glasses
Harry The Optometrist

Written by Harry

Senior Optometrist

If you Wear Glasses 7 Days a week You Need to Read This…

ANSWER : They both wear LINDBERG glasses. You may be thinking 1) What are the LINDBERG glasses AND 2) Who cares? Well…

My name is Harry, I am an Optometrist. If you wear glasses full time, then over 2 years you will wear them for over 10,000 hours!

Glasses need to be very comfortable, durable and because they are the centre piece of your face they need to look good!

They weigh as little as 1.9g, the same as two paper clips and not only are they lightweight, they have no screws or bolts. So they are built last to last.

They have no frame and are almost invisible when viewed from the front.

Robert Nicholson  –  ” A very welcoming practice, that radiates warmth. The people are helpful and very knowledgeable. They keep up to date with technology to help you get the best service. All in all a good experience.

Mark Thornley –  ” Amanda you are amazing, first class customer service, lovely to be working with such a friendly customer. Free glasses clean and cuppa at the same time.
Thank you.

Get A Complimentary Glasses Styling Consultation…


You see, everybody has different eye colour, hair colour, skin tone and face shape. All these affect what which glasses you choose.

We guide you through a special complimentary styling process to take all the stress away of finding glasses to suit you. You will even enjoy a nice cup of tea or one of my special coffees on the house!

​Do you Remember Customer service?


At our practice you will always see the same optician and only see a limited number of people a day to give you a detailed eye test. 

But I have to say I may not be the optician for you. If you Choose your Optician based on some gimmicky offer there are plenty of alternatives! With me, you get good old fashioned customer service, Where you will be treated as a human being and not a number!

Alan Ellis –  ” Both my partner and i have received excellent service at Richard’s Opticians.
Kiran really knows her stuff about eyes & vision and Amanda is brilliant when it comes to advising about lenses and eye wear.
And we get offered Prosecco at every visit!

kelly –  ” Very friendly and helpful staff, quick to deal with my request, and a very warm atmosphere.

Your Eye Exam Should Never Be Rushed…


Many of the big Opticians focus on tacky glasses offers such as “Buy one Get One Free”.  (Remember if something can be given away for free, what does that tell you about the quality?)

We focus onlooking after your eyes with correct fitting,well made eye wear.


A Special Guarantee And A Special Welcome Awaits …


Also,for your peace of mind, we have a 30 day “Love your glasses guarantee”! That’s right, try them out for a whole month! If you are not 100% happy we will give you a full courteous refund.

Trying some place new can be a big decision. We have a small team of friendly staff, who will be on hand to offer you a warm welcome and a lovely cup of tea on arrival!

Bring this Voucher & Receive :

  1. FREE retinal scan with your eye test (worth £15)
  2. FREE 45 minute eyewear styling consultation to find your perfect glasses (worth £40)
  3. To get your copy of the full Lindberg report, Download the digital version. 

What to do next : 

  1. If you are ready for an eye test call our Store .
  2. If you are not quite ready you can still call our Store or visit our website to get copy of the Lindberg Report.