Sport Vision

Sports vision

Sports performance sunglasses, or lenses designed for your sport, can provide you with a competitive edge; allowing you to perform to your optimum, regardless of the weather conditions.


Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, we can provide you with guidance and advice on the correct lens and frame to enhance your vision.  As sports vision experts, we can offer you specialist tints based on your requirements.


Sports sunglasses offer better performance by managing light transmission, and special sports performance glasses can also reduce visual strain.  Controlling light transmission into your eyes can help improve the efficiency of your eyes and increase your focusing speed and endurance.


All light, indoor and outdoor is a combination of different colour light rays; together these create white light. To reduce the transmittance of certain colour wavelengths of light into your eye, we can provide you with tinted performance lenses, which cut out glare and increase contrast, with the aim of enhancing your vision and performance.


These lenses increase your ability to see with accuracy, greater speed, clarity and comfort; as an athlete or a leisure player, you can have a key advantage over your competitor.


Choosing the right lens for your sport


Selecting a lens for your sport requires careful consideration to your needs, and also your personal preference.  Our optometrist will make recommendations based on your specific tasks and environment.


Do I require UV protection?


If you enjoy playing outdoor sports, it is very important your lenses offer 100% UV protection.  High UV exposure can cause cataracts to develop sooner, and is also a risk factor for developing macular degeneration.


The colour and darkness of the lens are not indicators of your eyes being protected from UV radiation, for maximum protection you need to ensure you are wearing a quality lens.  It is possible for a clear, or light yellow lens, to offer 100% UV protection and a dark lens to have no UV blocking properties.


Choosing the Lens Material?


The lens material plays a major role in determining if sufficient UV protection is being provided.  We primarily use polycarbonate and Trivex lenses for sports performance eyewear.  This is because these lenses are lightweight and are shatter/impact resistant.  Theses lenses also offer 100% UV protection.


What other features are available on sports lenses?


Other performance enhancing features are also available with these lenses.


Photochromatic lenses – These lenses change colour depending on the lighting conditions.  They go darker on bright sunny days and lighter on cloudy days.  This type of lens is very useful for you, if you are planning on being outdoors for several hours, for example, if you are playing golf or cycling.


Polarised lenses – These lenses reduce or eliminate glare from surfaces.  The lens has a special filter, that selectively blocks light reflecting from horizontal surfaces, so polarised lenses are great for eliminating glare from surface water, sand, snow and roads.


Anti-reflective coating – By having this type of coating on the back surface of your lens, the reflected glare from the sun behind you is reduced.


Mirror coatings – This type of coating blocks an additional 10% to 60% of visible light, and is used for greater comfort in bright and very highly reflective full-sun environments.  This type of tint is recommended for use in activities like skiing and hiking.



What type of frame is suitable for my sport?


Any frame used for sports or outdoor activity needs to be fitted correctly and be lightweight.  A wrap around frame is recommended for most sports, as this will stop light entering from the edges and protect your eyes from dust and debris. Also, this type of frame won’t slip down your nose when you perspire.


Many sports frames feature interchangeable lenses, so you can change the tint to suit the environmental conditions.


Can I wear contact lenses for sports?


Contact lenses are great for sports, and our optometrists recommend them for this purpose. Contact lenses can give you superior all round vision and are especially good where peripheral vision is needed, thus enhancing your sporting performance.


You can now also have varifocal contact lenses, which are very beneficial for sports like golf and orienteering, where both near and long vision is needed.


Why not try contact lenses?

We offer free contact lens trials, which also gives you the opportunity to take sample pairs away and try them in your sport.

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