Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Swimming & diving glasses

It is important to protect your eyes, whether you are scuba diving or snorkelling.  You should wear a water-tight facemask, which fits firmly.

Prescription Options

  1. You can wear contact lenses with your mask
  2. You can have a mask with your prescription glazed directly onto it
  3. An insert can also be fitted inside the mask with your prescription

We recommend the prescription lens to be made out of glass.  Even though it is heavier, it is more scratch resistant.  This is beneficial as diving usually takes place in sandy environments.

Lens consideration

  1. Orange and yellow are the most effective colours to use in the water
  2. Anti-reflective coatings provide greater clarity
  3. Polaroid lenses
  4. Flash mirror coating for reducing the reflections in the water

Prescription Options

  • Ready to wear prescription goggles which incorporate basic lens powers are available
  • We can also order custom made goggles, made to your own prescription


To maximise your enjoyment and performance, we recommend streamline styling anti-fog coating for clarity and adjustable head and bridge straps to ensure the best fit.

Poor vision and the salt, or chlorine in water, can make swimming an uncomfortable experience.

Catch your eye problems early and prevent disease progression

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