Visual Stress and Colour Overlays

It is estimated that around 20% of the population suffer from discomfort when looking at a page of words. This condition is known as Meares-Irlen syndrome, or visual stress.

In many cases changing the background to a certain colour can reduce the discomfort. This can be achieved by either placing a coloured plastic sheet over the text, or by wearing coloured glasses.


Visual Stress and colour overlays

How do we screen and manage visual stress?

Our optometrist can use the ReadEz Screening Software to confirm presence of visual stress, and they can also offer an effective management solution.

What is the ReadEz Screening Software?

The ReadEZ Screening Software simulates the effects of coloured overlays and spectacles by changing the background colour of your screen. To determine the optimum colour for you, your optometrist displays a sample of text on the screen while the colour of the background is changed systematically. You are then asked to confirm which colour is most comfortable and minimises your symptoms.

Your optometrist can establish how affective the colour is using a test known as the ‘Rate of Reading’; this tests and quantifies, you reading fluency in relation to the background colour.

The optimum colour can be used as an overlay, put into your spectacles, or even applied to your computer screen.

ReadEz provides a choice of 12 coloured overlays printed on durable acetate and 12 spectacle colours.

The ReadEz Guides are similar to the overlays, but have a letter box design, with a band of your optimum colour in the middle, helping you (the reader) to track the words down the page.

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