Zeiss Digital Lenses

Mobile digital devices have conquered the world at an extremely fast pace. Smartphones, tablets and GPS systems have become part of everyday life for most people.  In fact, there are now more mobile-connected devices in the world than people.

New challenges for the human eye

The frequent use of digital mobile devices is challenging for your eyes.  Whilst you are looking at digital screens, the number of cycles switching from far to near vision and back has increased considerably.  This is very demanding on your focusing eye muscles. The focusing ability of your eyes diminishes as you get older, which can lead to blurred vision, tired or dry eyes and neck strain.

Due to this increasing demand on your focusing eye muscles, most people in their 30s and 40s who frequently use digital devices often complain of tired eyes and stiff neck at the end of the day.

Man with smartphone

ZEISS Digital lenses help your eyes stay fresh, fit and allow focused vision all day long.

The effectiveness of ZEISS Digital lenses has been proven in stress tests carried out with smartphone and tablet users.  Leaving more than 905 of all respondents satisfied by reducing symptoms of tired eyes by a factor of 4.

Benefits of wearing ZEISS Digital lenses

  1. Helps your eyes to focus more easily
  2. Comfortable vision for near vision, whilst using smartphone and digital devices
  3. Stress and strain-free viewing throughout the entire day
  4. Easy adaptation
  5. Universal use from morning until night

Feature of  ZEISS Digital lenses


  1. Optimised lens design for close work and digital devices
  2. Large distance zone
  3. Flexible near power for sharp vision
  4. Compressed corridor for rapid transition into the near power
Catch your eye problems early and prevent disease progression

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