Zeiss DuraVision Platinum

Lens coating using the latest technology help you experience the most comfortable vision possible while making lens care easier and protecting your glasses.


See better, look better. With the perfect anti-reflective coating


Your spectacle lenses require an anti-reflective coating to ensure that you have clear sharp vision all the time.  Light reflections from lamps, wet roads or traffic lights at night are reduced to minimum. The lenses naturally remain clear.


The ZEISS DuraVision Platinum is made up of nine ultra-thin layers, resulting in a lens surface that is three times harder than the previous generation of hard coated plastic ZEISS lenses.

Discover the technology behind the hardest ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum AR coating

Zeiss Duravision Platinum

Benefits of wearing ZEISS Duravision Platinum lenses


  • More robust – three times harder than the previous generation of hard anti-reflective coated Zeiss lenses
  • Dirt-resistant – the patented anti-static layer prevents the build-up of static electricity.  The lens surface stays cleaner for longer, as dust and lint are not attracted to the lens surface.
  • Very easy to clean – the super-slick coat makes the lenses very easy to clean.  Lenses with high contact angles repel oil and water more effectively.
  • Anti-reflective properties – A less noticeable and blue reflection colour increases the light transmitted by the lens, resulting in better vision
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