Zeiss i.Terminal 2

An advanced way to collect your spectacle lens measurement details.


We use the Zeiss i.Terminal 2 for precise lens fitting in just 60 seconds for every patient.  This latest advanced technology allows us to take all the necessary measurements for your spectacles, digitally calculated with 1/100 mm precision.


Spectacle lens fitting plays a key role in maximizing  your visual comfort, as any fitting errors can cause up to 40% loss in lens performance.


Our i.Terminal 2 captures and calculates your individual parameters in a precision of 0.1 mm, which can result in better visual comfort, better adaptation to your spectacle lenses and relaxed vision.


Measurements from our i.Terminal 2 are 84% more accurate than a manual process.


With the help of i.Terminal® 2, lens fitting becomes comfortable and enjoyable for your patients, as they see that you are willing to go the extra mile to provide the latest lens design and ensure relaxed vision.

We take several spectacle fitting parameters, which include :


  1. Your frame data
  2. The distance between your pupils
  3. The distance from your pupil centre and nose, for each eye
  4. Fitting height, which is from the bottom of your spectacle rim, to the centre of your pupil
  5. Back vertex distance, distance from your spectacle lens to your eye
  6. Pantoscopic angle, which is the angle of your spectacle lenses
  7. Wrap angle, which is how your frames curve around your eyes

We store all your spectacle lens measurements for future comparisons.

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