Photofusion Lenses from Zeiss

  1. PhotoFusion – a state-of-the-art technology for strong performance.
  2. The self-tinting spectacle lenses that react fast to changing light.
  3. The patented photo-active molecules respond fast and efficiently to light energy.

Have a quick look on Zeiss Photofusion

Benefits of wearing ZEISS Photofusion lenses

  1. Fast reaction to changing light for more convenience
  2. Clear indoors and very dark outside in Sunlight
  3. Optimum vision, glare free
  4. Long-lasting performance
  5. Excellent color consistency for natural sight

Features of wearing ZEISS Photofusion lenses

  1. Speed – PhotoFusion lenses adapt to changing light fast.  They darken in 15-30 seconds and fade back to 70% in 5-10 minutes.
  2. Dark and clear – PhotoFusion lenses are very clear indoors yet turn very dark outside in the sunlight.
  3. Protection – PhotoFusion lenses provide full UV protection against UV rays for optimum eye health protection.
  4. Durability – PhotoFusion lenses retain their performance for long-lasting satisfaction.
  5. Colour – PhotoFusion lenses demonstrate excellent color consistency for natural sight.
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