Single vision lenses from Zeiss

The visual quality, cosmetic appearance and your wearing comfort must all be taken into consideration for the design of single vision lenses.


With advanced lens technology ZEISS single vision lenses can be made with higher refractive indices and aspheric surface designs making it possible to produce flat, lightweight lenses.


These lenses can also provide outstanding visual and wearing comfort, even if you have a high prescription.


Single vision lenses are used for single power distance like driving, intermediate like your computer and near reading vision

Benefits of  ZEISS Single Vision 

  1. Better night vision, ZEISS single vision lenses are available with i.scription technology for even sharper vision, with   greater contrast and   colour intensity
  2. Leading lens technology with the hardest ever Zeiss DuraVision Platinum coating and self-tinting PhotoFusion lenses
  3. Large range of products to suit your individual needs, from conventional to totally individualised single vision ZEISS lenses
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Single Vision Sph
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ZEISS Single Vision Lenses come in 4 Performance levels.

ZEISS Single Vision Individual

Contact Lenses eye

The Customised Single Vision Lens


This fully individualised spectacle lens offers outstanding visual quality to you, totally top-class.


The combination of the optical expertise of your Optometrist, the professional measurement of all your personal data using the i.profiler and i.terminal 2 and an optimisation process whilst manufacturing your lenses results in a precisely tailored spectacle lens.


Zeiss single vision individual lenses will totally impress your wearing experience.  Individualisation which is symbolised by the personal engraving on your lenses.


For ZEISS Single Vision Individual the higher order aberrations of the lens are evaluated by wavefront technology in order to optimise the lens design and ensure optimum visual quality for the wearer. Wavefront metrology is also used to determine the performance of optical systems in satellites.

Benefits of wearing ZEISS Single Vision Individual lenses


  1. Optimum vision in all directions
  2. Excellent vision right to the edge of the lens, even with high prescriptions
  3. Outstanding tolerance, including high cylinders and prismatic corrections
  4. Superb visual clarity and colour perception
  5. Relaxed vision
  6. Reduced eye fatigue
  7. Natural contrast sensitivity – better contrast

ZEISS Single Vision Superb

The ZEISS Single Vision Superb lens uses advanced freeform technology to give you more precision vision compared to conventional single vision lenses.

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Features of ZEISS Single Vision Superb


  1. Using advanced freeform lens technology
  2. Point-by-point optimisation of the lens surface gives precise optical images
  3. Optimised for every prescription
  4. Available with i.scription technology

Benefits of ZEISS Single Vision Superb


  1. Improved clarity of vision
  2. Thinner and flatter lenses for improved cosmetics
  3. Better night and low light vision with i.scription technology added

ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric Surface

Varifocal Lenses

Classic Plastic Lens with an Aspheric Surface Design


ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric lenses display a flatter front curvature and excellent visual quality.  It is therefore visibly flatter and thinner than a ZEISS Single Vision Spherical lens with the same power, especially in a plus power range.


Our Optometrist recommend ZEISS single vision aspheric lenses if you have a high prescription to give you cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses with improved optics.

Benefits of wearing ZEISS Single Vision Aspheric 


  1. Lighter and thinner lenses
  2. Aspheric surface design for outstanding visual quality
  3. Flatter front curvature than non-aspheric
  4. For plus power, your eyes are less magnified than with traditional lenses
  5. High resistance to breakage

ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.74

  1. Extremely thin and very lightweight lenses
  2. For all wearers with very high prescriptions and severe myopia
  3. Recommended power Range : Medium to high myopia from -5.0 D to sph -10.0 D

ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.67

  1. Extremely thin single vision lens
  2. Recommended power Range : Medium to high myopia from -3.00 D to sph -10.00 D
  3. Low to medium hyperopia from +2.00 to sph +6.00

ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.6

  1. High index plastic lens with an aspheric surface design
  2. Flat, thin and light lenses which provide excellent vision
  3. Cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses
  4. Recommended power Range : Low to medium myopia from -2.00 D to sph -6.00 D
  5. Low to high hyperopia from +1.00 to sph +6.00

ZEISS Single Vision AS 1.5

  1. Made of CR39 material
  2. Recommended power Range : Low myopia from -1.00 D to sph -3.00 D
  3. Low to medium hyperopia from +1.00 to sph +4.00

ZEISS Single Vision Spheric Surface

The Classic Spectacle Lens


ZEISS single vision lenses with spherical lens design are classical products to correct your vision for long distance or reading.


Available in plastic and glass. This lens offers good optical performance for low prescriptions.


Benefits of wearing ZEISS Single Vision Spherical lenses


  1. Lightweight lenses (up to 40% lighter than a glass lens with the same refractive index)
  2. High-quality vision
  3. High resistance to breakage
  4. Available as a sunglass lens or PhotoFusion