Varifocal Lenses

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Your eyes change throughout your life.  During your early forties the crystalline lens becomes stiffer and loses its elasticity.  This causes difficulty in focusing on close objects, like reading.  This is called presbyopia.

When you develop presbyopia, your eyes struggle to focus quickly between close and distance objects.   You’ll also find yourself holding books and price labels on packages further away, so that you can read them, and needing more light to see close objects.

If you experience symptoms of presbyopia, there are various solutions in lens options.

  1. Reading glasses: Good for reading only
  2. Bifocals: Lens split into two, with a distinct line separating the distance and near vision.  This lens doesn’t provide any correction for intermediate vision, like viewing the computer
  3. Varifocal: Great for all distances, like driving, reading and the computer

Our optometrists recommend varifocals.

Our varifocal lenses use the latest technology to provide the most natural vision and widest field of vision.

The type of varifocal you are prescribed will determine how well you adapt to the lens, and the amount of blur you experience on the edge of the lens.

Due to the way varifocals are manufactured, all varifocals have an area on the lens which is slightly out of focus and can create a ‘swim’ effect, normally on the edge of the lens.

Our technologically advanced varifocals will give you sharp natural vision and minimal distortion, to give you the widest, clearest vision and exceptional comfort.

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